Mikuni Sushi Folsom


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Mikuni Sushi Roseville (Eureka)

Roseville (Eureka)

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Mikuni Sushi Fountains at Roseville

Fountains at Roseville

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Mikuni Sushi Midtown Sacramento

Midtown Sacramento

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Mikuni Sushi Arden Fair

Arden Fair

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Mikuni Sushi Elk Grove

Elk Grove

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Mikuni Sushi Fair Oaks

Fair Oaks

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Mikuni Sushi Davis


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Mikuni Sushi Concord


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More than just extraordinary food, Mikuni is about the overall experience. From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you push back from the table or sushi bar—contented beyond measure—you are caught up in an atmosphere that is as unique as it is stimulating.

From the décor to the drinks…from the engaging ambience to the mind-boggling menu options…we pay impeccable attention to every detail to ensure that you feel comfortable. Welcomed. Satisfied.

Whether it’s your first visit to Mikuni or one of many, we invite you to settle in and savor all the pleasures we have to offer.

Tanoshinde kudasai ne!  楽しんでくださいね!  Enjoy!

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Our restaurants in Sacramento (midtown and Arden Fair), Roseville (Eureka Road and The Fountains), Fair Oaks, Folsom, Elk Grove, Davis, and Concord, all promise the highly original Mikuni brand of culinary excellence. Whether you like your fish raw or seared to perfection…whether chicken or beef strikes your fancy…this is where you’ll find the best of the best.

Want to learn more about sushi? Read on!


You may have wondered about the person who first pulled a wriggling fish out of the ocean, cut it open, and decided to eat it raw. Was he in too much of a hurry to cook it over an open flame? Was he so hungry that he couldn’t wait to get a fire going? Or did he simply take a leap of faith and sample a bite out of curiosity? Whatever the reason, we at Mikuni are glad he decided to try something different, and we’re grateful for the discovery of this amazing cuisine.

These days, we think of sushi as a raw-fish delicacy, but that’s not actually the case. Technically, sashimi is raw fish, while sushi means “vinegared rice.” In fact, depending upon how you interpret the kanji symbols that make up the word “sushi,” it can also translate to “delicious fish.” If you’ve spent much time in Japanese restaurants, you know that sushi isn’t necessarily raw at all, since many rolls and nigiri-zushi are made with cooked foods, such as shellfish, eggs, seared tuna, and eel.

The exact history of sushi is unclear, and claims of its origin date back as early as the 5th century BC. It is a commonly held belief that it did not originate in Japan, but likely got its start in Southeast Asia or China. Wherever it began, we’re delighted to bring it to you right here in California!

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