Irasshaimase! Mikuni chefs call out this traditional Japanese salutation to everyone who enters the Roseville restaurant. Their exuberant greeting sets the stage for a festive dining experience, as guests are swept up in an atmosphere of unbridled fun and unsurpassed creativity.

The perfect setting for large parties and families, Mikuni Roseville is rarely the same place twice. While the menu features about 100 choices of sushi rolls, there are hundreds more that never make it into print. And if a diner has a particular yen for something special, it will be made to order and presented with a flourish.

Located next to the Century Theatres, Mikuni Roseville reflects the urban vibe that is defining this burgeoning city.


Mikuni accepts reservations for parties of eight or more. Reservations will only be held for ten minutes. If the entire party is not present after ten minutes, the reservation will be for forfeited. The Mikuni Sushi Bar is seated on a first come, first served basis.

Mikuni Black & Blue Koki Club members may receive the “jump to the front of the line” privileges for parties up to four. Koki Club Black members may make reservations for parties up to four.