Celiac Sprue Association of Sacramento – February Dining Excursion

Posted by Debbie Paul, csasacramento.blogspot.com

For 2010 our group is planning a monthly dining trip, to take place on the second Saturday of the month, and may be a lunch or dinner activity. Up first is Mikuni Sushi, which has multiple locations in the Sacramento region, and has recently released their gluten free menu.

When: 1:30pm on Feb 13, 2010
Where: Mikuni’s in downtown Sacramento located near the corner of 16th and J in downtown Sacramento. P.F. Chang’s is on the corner and Mikuni’s is next door, facing 16th Street.
Parking: It is mainly street parking (you do need to pay the meter, or there is a paid parking lot across the street)
Cost: Items range from $5-$15. To make payment as smooth as possible please bring cash.
RSVP Deadline: Feb 6. Please be courteous to all parties involved and let Diane Craig(916-483-8546) know on time, and if you change you mind last minute, please let us know you won’t be attending. We greatly appreciate it.

I personally have been there a dozen or so times and have never gotten sick, and that was before they had an official menu. I know we all have different allergies and difference degrees of severity, so as usual, be aware that there is always a risk of cross contamination when dining out.

We have had some questions answered by the staff, which are shared below. If there are more specific questions that you have, please leave a comment or email me directly so we can try to get answers before the day of.

  • Is there a separate prep area? No
  • Are gluten free ingredients stored in a separate areas? Yes
  • Are gluten free rolls and regular rolls made on the same flat surfaces? No
  • With the kitchen items, how is the meat cooked, and is it made in a dedicated frying pan? Inside a broiler; foil on iron plate
  • What does your establishment do to ensure items are gluten free? We prepare our gluten free sauces off site in our central kitchen to minimize the possibility of someone inadvertently using regular soy sauce, etc. the sauces are labeled, bottled using different bottles, and kept in a separate place in our restaurants. We will continue ongoing “gluten” training with our staff.
  • Is there any other corn/cornstarch among the gluten free menu items? Our gluten free soy sauce does not have cornstarch. Nor is it thickened. We use potato starch in our sauces. We do not use cornstarch. Our gluten free teriyaki contains potato starch.
  • Do any of the gluten free items contain dairy? No

We look forward to seeing you there!

*You do not need to be a member of the CSA to attend

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