Mikuni Introduces New Osusume Menu

The innovative sushi chefs of Mikuni have created seven special, new menu items to add to the already enormous list of Mikuni signature sushi creations. Taking inspiration from other popular cuisines like Italian and Latin American, these new items are sure to become quick favorites.

Mikuni Carpaccio brings the Mediterranean elements of parmesan, argula and capers together with thin slices of tuna and salmon to take a fresh spin on this Italian dish. These same elements, combined with spicy tuna and cream cheese make the new Hot Italian Roll one of a kind.

Perfect slices of octopus garnished with cilantro, lemon and ponzu sauce are a new take the Peruvian ceviche. Plus, four new rolls including the Tasmanian Roll, Hamachi Roll and Ben’s Crab Shack Roll continue to deliver the quality and innovation for which Mikuni has always been known.

The Mikuni Osusume menu will delight your taste buds and keep you coming back to try it all.

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