Mikuni Koki Club Rewards Keep Getting Better

Mikuni gives loyalty club members even more reasons to dine.

Its free and easy to sign up for the Mikuni Koki Club Frequent Diner Program, so its no wonder that in the six year since its launch the Koki Club has gained over 14,000 active members. These are guests that dine at a Mikuni location at least once every month. And when they dine, they aren’t just having award winning sushi for a great value; they are earning points toward special gifts and rewards.

Every dollar Koki Club members spend at Mikuni gets them one point closer to valuable perks, like gift cards Ella Dining Room, The Kitchen, Bicycles Plus or Super Spa. They can get movie and theatre tickets, electronics and Mikuni apparel, but the most popular gift available to members has always been a gift card right back to Mikuni.

In fact, Koki Club members are so loyal that Mikuni recently saw fit to create new, upper-level tiers to the loyalty program to give even more rewards to the most elite of the Koki Club members. The Black & Blue Rewards Program, for Koki Club members that have earned over 5,000 points, takes rewards to greater heights of variety and excellence, with over 30 special offers from Mikuni Business Rewards Partners.

If you’re a sushi-lover, you probably love Mikuni. If you love Mikuni, you should definitely be in this club! Join the Mikuni Koki Club on the Loyalty Programs page at mikunisushi.com.

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