Sushiology Fresh For Kids

Arai, a California renowned chef for the Mikuni Japanese Restaurants and Sushi Bars, donated his time to introduce Sushiology to students in Douglas County.

Stone Mountain Elementary fifth-grade teacher, Hannah Frick said three classes were contacted by Chef Arai and she thought it would be fun to have him visit.

“It was beyond my expectations,” Frick said.

Some of her students had tried sushi before, but the majority had not. Frick said some of them weren’t too crazy about the idea, either.

“I told them that this is his culture, do not insult him.”

Not only did the class participate in rolling the sushi, one student got to design his own personal recipe.

“He rolled it up and called it the ‘Matt’ roll,” Frick said.

The student, Matt, was so impressed by the taste, he convinced his parents to take him to the restaurant for dinner and requested the “Matt roll.”

“They made it for him,” Frick said.

Frick incorporated the sushi demonstration into a writing assignment for her students, who have been working on describing and explaining in their writing.

Some of the descriptions were, “American snacks are good, but Japanese snacks are the bomb” and “Sushi is a delectable finger food.”

The restaurant opened in September at the Vistas at Park Meadows. Mikuni Sushiology classes have been extremely popular in Northern California, where Mikuni has six restaurants. Students receive an education in Japanese cuisine, culture and business. The Park Meadows site is known as the “Magnificent Seventh” – the newest location.

Being the first venture outside California, it is making a statement. The 8,400-square-foot space displays paintings of samurai warriors and exudes eclectic excitement for all ages. Lighted orbs and metallic fish hang from the ceiling.

A favorite item on the menu is a Denver Roll, designed specifically for the Rocky Mountain patrons; panko shrimp, avocado, a special sauce, masago and onions.

According to Frick, some of her fifth-grade students begged their parents to take them to the restaurant after learning about sushi in class.

Other Douglas County schools who experienced the chef’s entertaining edible treats were Thunder-Ridge High School, Acers Green Elementary and Chaparral High School.

Elementary and high school parents and teachers who are interested in having complimentary Mikuni Sushiology classes are welcome to contact Jeanne Mabry, Vice President of Communications & Marketing at Mikuni Restaurant Group, (916) 402-9852.

Or visit Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, 8437 Park Meadows Center in Lone Tree, (303) 790-2116.

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