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Mikuni Supports Maui Wildfire Recovery with the Return of the Rescue Roll


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In the aftermath of the devastating wildfire that swept through Maui, Mikuni is again demonstrating its commitment to aiding those affected by natural disasters. With a standing history in solidarity with disaster-stricken communities, Mikuni is proud to reintroduce the Rescue Roll, a delectable culinary delight, with 100% of the proceeds dedicated to supporting the Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund.

“At Mikuni, we believe in the power of community and the strength that comes from rallying together in times of adversity,” said Taro Arai, Chief Dreaming Officer at Mikuni. “Our hearts go out to the individuals, families, and businesses impacted by the recent wildfire in Maui. By relaunching the Rescue Roll, we aim to offer a delicious roll to our patrons and an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the ongoing recovery efforts.”

The Rescue Roll, known for its exceptional blend of flavors and textures, promises an unforgettable dining experience. As patrons indulge in this culinary masterpiece, they can take comfort that their choice directly contributes to the reconstruction and rejuvenation of the affected Maui community.

The Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund has provided immediate relief and long-term support to wildfire survivors. By channeling the entirety of the Rescue Roll proceeds into this fund, Mikuni is amplifying its dedication to aiding recovery efforts.

The promotion will conclude on Sunday, August 27th, providing supporters ample time to visit any Mikuni location and relish the Rescue Roll. Whether enjoyed as a solo treat or shared with friends and family, each bite of the Rescue Roll signifies a step towards rebuilding lives and restoring hope.

Mikuni invites all patrons, both longstanding supporters and new diners, to seize this opportunity to stand united with Maui during this challenging time. The flavors of the Rescue Roll serve as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, the spirit of generosity and compassion can flourish.

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