Upgrade Your Membership


Ready for the next level of rewards? Offered by invitation only and designed to reward our upper-level Koki Club members, the Koki Club Hoshi takes rewards to greater heights of variety and excellence!

Membership is tiered and is based on your Koki Club lifetime points balance-

Blue Clubminimum 5,000 lifetime points
Black Clubminimum 10,000 lifetime points
Silver Clubminimum 25,000 lifetime points
Gold Clubminimum 50,000 lifetime points 
Red Clubminimum 100,000 lifetime points 

Exclusive benefits include personal Mikuni Concierge service, invitations to special Mikuni events, priority seating and much, much more!
At Mikuni, when you get the points, you get the rewards!

Invitations to upgrade are mailed at the beginning of each month to qualifying members or if you know you have enough points, upgrade HERE and get more from our Loyalty Program!