Hoshi Club Program


The Mikuni Koki Club Hoshi program is based on your accrued Koki Club lifetime points balance and is designed to take your rewards to greater heights of variety and excellence.


Why You Should Upgrade

If you’ve already reached 10,000 Lifetime Points or above, why not enjoy additional benefits and great food?

What Are the Benefits

Besides personal Mikuni Concierge service, enjoy additional exclusive benefits like invitations to special Mikuni events, the ability to make reservations via the Mikuni app, and more!  Please check out our easy reference Benefits Chart for a complete breakdown of benefits in each card level.

When Do I Get Upgraded

Membership is tiered and based on your Koki Club Lifetime Points Balance:

Black Clubminimum 10,000 Lifetime Points
Silver Clubminimum 25,000 Lifetime Points
Gold Clubminimum 50,000 Lifetime Points
Red Clubminimum 100,000 Lifetime Points

Membership Rules

Terms and conditions of the Mikuni Koki Club Hoshi program are subject to change. Mikuni Restaurant Group, Inc. reserves the right to change or discontinue this program at any time. The accumulation of points does not entitle program members to any vested rights with respect to awards or program benefits.

Terms and Conditions
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