Mikuni Koki Club Loyalty Program
Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Mikuni Koki Club Rewards Program work?

  • You receive one point per dollar spent based on the subtotal amount
  • Does not include tax & gratuity, or the use of third party delivery apps
  • Once you reach 5,000 points, you will receive a one-time milestone reward of a $25 Mikuni gift card loaded to your Koki Club card.
  • Must be 18 years of age to join


What is the difference between “Points” and “Lifetime Points”?

  • When you accrue points, points will be added to both Points and Lifetime Points
  • The Points balance is the number of points you have redeemable for items on our redemption page
  • The Lifetime Points are all the points you have ever accrued since account inception.
  • Membership is tiered and based on your Lifetime Points


Why is the balance on my “Points” higher than my “Lifetime Points”?

  • When we run double point promos, the points will double on your redeemable Points, but not on the Lifetime Points
  • Example: Spend subtotal of $25 during double point promo
    Points: 50
    Lifetime Points: 25 (actual dollar amount spent)


I forgot to provide my Koki Club when I dined in.  How do I receive credit?

Members are responsible for providing their Koki Club card or account information to accrue points at the time of dining transaction. Points cannot be manually added later.


Why does my receipt still show the same number of points in the balance?

Same-day points will not reflect on the receipt. Processing can take up to 24 hours to update and show in your account.


Do points expire?

Accounts with no activity for six months may become inactive and points may expire.


How can I redeem my points?

Visit www.MikuniSushi.com

  • Hover over the “Koki Club” tab on top
  • Click “Redeem Points” from the drop down menu
  • Choose items and add items to cart
  • Click “Go to Checkout” on the right side of screen next to scroll bar to review selections
  • Fill out contact information at the bottom of the page and click “Submit”

Order will take 5-7 business days to process and mail


What are “Mikuni Dollars”?

  • Members will receive a $10 birthday reward for use in our restaurants and may receive other $10 rewards (or other Surprise & Delight amounts throughout the year).
  • Members will receive a one-time milestone reward of $25 when member’s lifetime points accrue to 5,000
  • Koki Club card must be presented to redeem.
  • These rewards do have expiration dates.


I’ve accrued enough points to upgrade to the next tier. How do I upgrade my membership?

At the beginning of each month, invitation emails are sent to qualifying members with instructions on how to upgrade your Koki Club tier.

Qualifying members can also visit www.MikuniSushi.com

  • Go to “Online Store”
  • Choose “Memberships”
  • Select correct membership tier and add to cart for checkout

Membership upgrade can only be completed online.


Is there a fee to upgrade?

Yes, there is a $100 fee for the first tier (Black), but you will receive the upgrade fee amount back in the form of a commemorative coin that you can redeem at any Mikuni restaurant location.