Eat Sushi, Live Longer: Tips for Ordering

Many people surf the Internet and read fitness magazines to try and find a way to extend their lives. The common perception is that a healthy diet and enough exercise are the way to achieve that. In a report fromThe Daily Mail, Guinness World Record Holder Misao Okawa shares her secret to a long and happy life:

The world’s oldest person, Misao Okawa, says the key to a long life is eating sushi and getting at least eight hours sleep a night.

Mrs Okawa, from Osaka in Japan, turned 117 today – she was born in 1898.

Mrs Okawa eats three large meals a day and makes sure that she sleeps eight hours a night,’ Tomohito Okada, the head of the Kurenai retirement home where she lives, told Daily.

He added: ‘She insists that her favorite meal is sushi, particularly mackerel on vinegar-steamed rice, and she has it at least once every month.’

The Japanese currently have some of the longest life expectancies in the world. According to health experts, the frequent consumption of fish is one of the reasons why they live such long lives. Fish is a staple in Japanese cuisine, with its most celebrated rendition affectionately known as sushi.

There are many types of sushi to choose from. However, nutrition experts claim that the healthiest options are salmon and tuna (which just so happen to be two of the most popular types used in sushi in Japan). Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that have been proven to significantly reduce inflammation and the risk of heart disease.

Fortunately, sushi is not very difficult to come by if you love Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar with eight locations in the Sacramento region. However, people looking to take advantage of the health benefits of sushi should stick to basic, clean options. Many popular varieties of sushi are kinds that have been deep-fried and/or enhanced with sauces. These kinds are full of oil and fat, both of which nullify any health benefits you would have gained initially from the seafood.

When choosing sushi, you should look for a place like Mikuni Sushi that serves a wide variety of sushi and other fish-based dishes that are both delicious and healthy.

(Source: The secret to a long life? Sushi and sleep, according to the world’s oldest woman; The Daily Mail; March 3, 2014)

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