Gen-JI-Mai – Rice Like You’ve Never Seen or Tasted It Before

Rice is rice is rice, right? Wrong.

From texture to taste to nutritional value, different types of rice present a completely diverse experience for both your palate and your health. Some are starchier, some are chewier, some have more vitamins and minerals than others, but one rice stands out among all the others: Gen-Ji-Mai.

Gen-Ji-Mai is a premium, medium-grain brown rice that is lightly polished. This means that 100 percent of the rice germ (haiga) and much of the bran layer is left intact, which translates to a much more nutritious product for you.

Just take a look at how Gen-Ji-Mai stacks up compared to ordinary white milled rice:

  • 64% more fiber
  • 286% more potassium
  • 582% more magnesium
  • 161% more vitamin B6
  • 1021% more vitamin E
  • 400% more antioxidants

But the benefits of Gen-Ji-Mai rice go far beyond health. Packed with tantalizing flavor, it has a subtle, nutty taste that offers universal appeal. Think of it as the “beige” rice—combining the fluffiness and mildness of white rice with the heartiness and healthiness of brown. Without a doubt, it is the best of both worlds.

Mikuni is proud to feature Gen-Ji-Mai rice at all of our restaurant locations (with the exception of Northstar). You’ll still be able to order traditional white and brown rice as part of your meal, but we highly recommend that you give Gen-Ji-Mai a try. After sampling this incredibly unique and flavorful product, you may change your rice preferences forever!

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