Mikuni Supports Gluten Free Awareness with Enhanced Menu in May

SACRAMENTO,CA- Mikuni Restaurant Group has partnered with Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) for the fourth annual Chef to Plate Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Campaign during May.

“Mikuni strives to offer a variety of dining options to our guests regardless of food allergies or dietary restrictions,” said Taro Arai, Master Chef and co-owner of Mikuni. “Our staff is confident knowing those who suffer from gluten intolerance can come to Mikuni and enjoy their meal carefree.”

The Chef to Plate campaign is designed to help spread awareness of gluten sensitivities by partnering with restaurants that offer gluten-free menu options. According to GIG, one in 133 Americans suffer from celiac disease, and non-celiac sensitivity may affect as many as seven percent of the world’s population. Throughout the month of May, Sacramento area Mikuni restaurants will display posters and table tents featuring educational facts and statistics about gluten sensitivity, in addition to highlighting a gluten-free menu of over twenty five items.

“Mikuni recognizes the importance of gluten-free menu options for our guests,” said Jeanne Mabry, Mikuni Vice President of Marketing. “We brought in a gluten-free expert to educate our staff on the daily challenges people with celiac disease live with when making meal choices, including while dining out in restaurants. Our chefs were inspired to create new dishes and update the Mikuni Gluten-Free Menu.”

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