Carve Tahoe International Snow Sculpting Celebration

SACRAMENTO, CA- Come to Northstar California Resort and experience elite snow carvers from around the world compete at Carve Tahoe. Mikuni and Sapporo team up to support a team coming from Japan that will be competing against several other countries. Team Japan is composed of three experienced carvers who have won first place at the Japan Cup International Snow Sculpting competition in Nayoro, Japan three times in the past five years. Their sculpture for Carve is called “Heart to Heart”.
Carve Tahoe is a week-long international snow sculpture competition where spectators watch as teams transform 20-ton blocks of pure, white snow into breathtaking masterpieces. And this is no amateur hour. The teams competing are the best of the best– selected from applications sent in from more than twenty countries around the world. This event is February 8-12, 2013 followed by rounds of spectator judging and ceremony on February 13th.
While the highlights of Carve are the talents and skills of the carvers from Finland, Germany, Japan, Russia, Canada and the US, no event would be complete without a little charity thrown in. Every $1 donated per spectator vote will go straight to a local-non-profit.
“This is a unique opportunity for me to judge wonderful talent with four other amazing judges while also giving back to the community,” says Taro Arai, co-owner of Mikuni Restaurant Group, Inc. Carve’s lead judge, Lawrence Nobel, is an award-winning sculptor and illustrator who previously designed a Gold Medal for the 1984 Olympics. “We’re thrilled to work with Sapporo and support the incredible sculptures of team Japan.”  
To create some pre-event buzz for Carve Tahoe, Mikuni and Sapporo Beer created a food paring with a chance for guests to win a day pass lift to Northstar during the week of Carve Tahoe. Mikuni has created a Carve Roll, spicy salmon, cream cheese and asparagus tempura fried served with Spicy Dream sauce and Sea Steak sauce. The Carve Roll will be paired with a Sapporo draft for $12 or you can get just the Carve Roll for $10.

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