An American Dream Found in a Japanese Kitchen

In his debut as an author, Chef Taro shares the story of his early years in Japan, his pursuit of the American dream, and his adventures as a restaurateur. Taro Arai was born on a tiny island in Japan to a family of limited means. Today, he is a renowned master sushi chef of eight, award-winning, locally-owned, Japanese restaurants in the United States.

Filled with inspiration and a healthy dose of humor, “Abundance” Finding the American Dream in a Japanese Kitchen,  is a look into the evolution of sushi and the progression of an individual who never lost sight of his vision. Through the story told by Taro and his co-author and publisher L.G. Mansfield, readers will gain an introspective look into the origins of sushi and the traditions embraced by the Japanese culture.

In addition to telling the inside story about the creation of the Mikuni restaurants, “Abundance” takes readers on a senses-stimulating excursion into a world of extraordinary flavors, compelling textures, and visual enchantment with help from book designer Heidi Tomlinson and local free-lance photographer Jeremy Sykes.

A dining favorite of Sacramento locals, also including a recent expansion into the Denver area, Taro and the Mikuni restaurants set a fast pace in the world of sushi and have created a menu unparalleled by any sushi bar in the Western United States.

The foreword to the book was written by renowned author Nicholas Sparks, a longtime friend of Taro and a frequent guest at the first Mikuni restaurant. Not only a detailed account of the inspiration and magic behind delicious-tasting Japanese cuisine, “Abundance” relays the tale of a dream and a man’s quest for a life of freedom and self-expression.

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