Sustainably Raised Bluefin Tuna at Mikuni

Mikuni is proud to offer guests an opportunity to purchase the only sustainably raised Bluefin tuna. Kindai maguro, as it is called, is the first successfully closed, life cycle farmed Bluefin tuna. Mikuni procured this Kindai Bluefin tuna from TEN QOO Maguro Japan Brand on the island of Kyushu in Japan. The fish is produced from Bluefin tuna fry from Kinki University, which sells the juvenile fish from its hatchery to other fish farms where they are raised to adulthood.

Kinki University in Japan has been researching the farming of Bluefin tuna since the 1970’s. Until a few years ago, all farmed Bluefin tuna were in fact ranched, by catching juvenile fish from the wild and fattening them up for 9 months in big ocean pens. No other research institute has ever been able to reproduce Bluefin tuna from the egg, as salmon farmers do. Kinki University is the first and only to successfully raise Bluefin tuna from the egg. They have now raised three generations of Kindai Bluefin tuna.

“The Kindai maguro has a much better flavor, color, fat, and texture than any of the other ranched Bluefin tuna,” according to Mikuni Executive Chef Daniel Schmook. “Mikuni is one of a few elite restaurants who are able to offer such a special product.”

For a limited time only, Mikuni Fair Oaks and Midtown will offer the following Kindai maguro nigiri and sashimi:

Bluefin tuna $7.50
toro (medium-fat Bluefin tuna belly) $9.50
toro (high-fat Bluefin tuna belly) $11.50
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