Mikuni Increases Support for Breast Cancer Programs this October

Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar is participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month with two promotions to raise money for breast cancer support programs in Sacramento and nationally.

Mikuni has created a new, pink ribbon t-shirt that will be on sale for $20 at all greater Sacramento area Mikuni restaurants for the month of October. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt will be donated to the Sutter Cancer Center Breast Cancer Navigator Program which provides support and education to women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. The program is supported entirely by philanthropic funding and offered at no charge to patients. Over the past nine years, Mikuni has donated over $700,000 to Sutter Cancer Center’s Breast Cancer Navigator Program.

Jeanne Mabry, Vice President of Marketing for Mikuni says, “Over the years, we have been a huge supporter of the Breast Cancer Navigator Program at Sutter Cancer Center. This year we want to increase that support while bringing awareness to the cause with our new t-shirt.”

In addition, Mikuni has partnered with ONEHOPE Wine in their fight against breast cancer. ONEHOPE donates 50% of profits generated from the sale of every bottle of its Chardonnay to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The National Breast Cancer Foundation is focused on education, prevention, early detection, and treatment. ONEHOPE is working toward a contribution goal of $100,000 this October alone. ONEHOPE Chardonnay can be purchased at all greater Sacramento area Mikuni restaurants for the month of October, and is available by the glass for $6 and by the bottle for $22.

While ONEHOPE Chardonnay, by winemaker Robert Mondavi Jr., pairs well with seafood and poultry, it pairs even better with breast cancer awareness. Women buy two bottles of Chardonnay for every one bottle of all other varietals combined. Because women are the most active supporters in the breast cancer community, it makes sense to pair the pink ribbon with the most popular varietal for women. Women in the U.S. have a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer. (National Cancer Institute)

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