Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

With Mikuni Rent-a-Chef service Master Sushi Chef Taro Arai serves up his culinary delights with a generous portion of charisma. For only $75 per person, Taro, who is often billed as the “Chief Entertainment Officer,” will bring the Mikuni experience to your home.

Not only will he serve up delicious cuisine to tantalize your taste buds, he will also charm your guests with his engaging style and stories. The Sacramento Bee called Taro “a magnetic personality, a cultural paradox, a human laugh track and irrepressible showman, who has elevated the ritual of slicing fish into something that rivals a Broadway production.” You’ve got to check him out!

To book Taro or your favorite Mikuni Chef, please contact a Mikuni Concierge at (916) 576-2641 x411.

Subject to availability. Custom menus available. Limited special requests available. Excludes tax and gratuity. Regular catering price options apply for chefs other than Taro.
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