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Posted By Christine Schunk,, January 12, 2010

If I was stranded on an island and had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be, without hesitation, sushi. For those of you who follow Sacfoodies, you know that I love making (okay, attempting to make) sushi rolls at home. So, when Mikuni offered the opportunity to attend their introductory Sushiology class I jumped at the chance.

Mikuni’s Elk Grove and Roseville locations offer Sushiology classes, starting from the roll building basics up through making party platters. I’ve made sushi at home quite a bit, but still learned some very handy tricks taking the first class in the series, 1A.

We attended the Elk Grove class, which is held in a private room. There were 24 seats in the class (four per table) with the instructor’s table up front. The size of the class is perfect, we got to know others in the room as we all tested our skills.

The class started with a brief introduction on the history of sushi, then an overview of materials needed to make sushi rolls (all materials provided). Next, we discussed rice. You can’t have good sushi without good rice, which is a delicate mixture of rice, vinegar, sugar and salt.

We started with making a California Roll, and the class competed as to who could make the most perfect roll. Needless to say I did not win, and immediately ate the evidence. Next we created a Spicy Tuna Hand Roll, which was really fun because I’ve never made a hand roll before! Last up was Mikuni’s signature Fair Oaks Roll which was the tastiest.

While we were attempting our creations and getting tips from the chef, Mikuni served appetizers and we got to sample several beers. If you attend this class, which I recommend you do, go with a big appetite. And if you can’t finish your plate (like me) they let you take your creations home.

Here are the details:

Cost: $65.00/person

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. (arrive early to get the best seat!)

Sushiology 1A: Temaki, Ura Maki
Sushiology 1B: Mikuni Original Rolls
Sushiology 2A: Tempura
Sushiology 2B: Nigiri, Inari, Tekka Maki
Sushiology 3: Party Platter

February 22, 2010
Mikuni Roseville
1565 Eureka Road
Roseville, CA 95661
March 1, 2010
Mikuni Elk Grove
8525 Bond Road
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 714-2112
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